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Application | Michal Slowak | 05-08-2023

Easiest Universities To Get Into In The UK In 2023

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The United Kingdom is home to a plethora of prestigious universities that attract local and international students alike.

While some institutions have highly selective admission processes (we wrote an article on the hardest universities to get into in the UK, check it out here), there are others that offer more accessible pathways for prospective students.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 easiest universities to get into in the UK for 2023, considering offer rates, acceptance rates, and other relevant factors like grade requirements.


If you want a quick list, it is posted below:


University of Bedfordshire


Offer rate: 94.2%

Acceptance rate: 77.35%


Topping the list of the easiest UK universities to enter is the University of Bedfordshire.

With a remarkably high offer rate of 94.2% and an acceptance rate of 77.35%, this university welcomes a significant proportion of applicants.

Located in Luton and Bedford, England, the University of Bedfordshire offers a diverse range of programs and is known for its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. It specializes in areas such as health and social care, sports science, and business management.

The university has a strong focus on equipping students with practical skills for the real world. Notable alumni include Paralympic gold medallists David Clarke and actress Julie Graham. An interesting fact about the University of Bedfordshire is that its Luton campus is home to one of the largest indoor climbing walls in the UK, offering students a thrilling recreational activity right on campus.


Buckinghamshire New University


Offer rate: 93.8%

Acceptance rate: 79.72%


Buckinghamshire New University is another institution that makes it relatively easy for aspiring students to gain admission.

Situated in High Wycombe and Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire New University offers a variety of programs, including nursing, aviation, and creative arts. The university is renowned for its hands-on approach to learning and what is particularly worth noting: strong industry connections.

Notable alumni of Buckinghamshire University include TV presenter Fiona Phillips, musician Mark Richardson and the renowned singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding, who studied Drama and Theatre Studies.


University of Suffolk


Offer rate: 92.1%

Acceptance rate: 80.15%


The University of Suffolk continues the trend of accessible admissions, boasting an offer rate of 92.1% and an acceptance rate of 80.15%.

Located in the vibrant and beautiful town of Ipswich, England, the University of Suffolk offers a wide range of courses, including humanities, business, and nursing. It prides itself in providing a friendly and supportive learning environment. Notable alumni include award-winning film director Mat Kirkby and journalist Guto Harri.

Interestingly, the university is located near the historic Christchurch Mansion (daj zdjecie albo link), which houses an impressive collection of art and artefacts, providing a unique cultural experience for students.


University of Cumbria


Offer rate: 89.5%

Acceptance rate: 83.02%


The University of Cumbria prides itself on accessibility as clearly evident from its offer rate of 89.5% and an acceptance rate of 83.02%.

With campuses in Carlisle, Lancaster, and Ambleside, the University of Cumbria specializes in subjects such as education, healthcare, and outdoor studies. It is known for its beautiful surroundings and a strong emphasis on practical learning. Notable alumni include entrepreneur Hilary Devey and TV presenter Melvyn Bragg.

The University of Cumbria is well-known for its picturesque surrounding! The university's Ambleside campus is situated in the stunning Lake District National Park, offering natural surroundings for outdoor activities and exploration.


York St John University


Offer rate: 85.9%

Acceptance rate: 84.60%


York St John University makes the list as an institution that welcomes a substantial number of applicants.

Situated in the historic city of York, England, York St John University offers a wide range of courses, including psychology, business, and performing arts. The university is famous for its vibrant campus life, strong community spirit and interesting origin history. The university boasts a significant historical connection, as it was founded in 1841 as a training college for teachers, making it one of the oldest teacher-training institutions in England.

Notable alumni include actor Rupert Friend and radio presenter Stephanie Hirst.


University of Chichester


Offer rate: 84.6%

Acceptance rate: 86.15%


Located in Chichester and Bognor Regis, the University of Chichester specializes in subjects such as dance, theology, and sports science. With an offer rate of 84.6% and an acceptance rate of 86.15%, this university fosters a close-knit community that values individual growth and success.

Interesting fact: The university's Dance Department is located in the Bishop Otter Campus, which houses a unique dance studio with a glass floor, allowing spectators to watch performances from below.


The University of Wales Trinity Saint David


Offer rate: 82.7%

Acceptance rate: 88.40%


Located in Wales, UK, the University of Wales Trinity Saint David provides a well-rounded education to its students and offers an inviting admissions process. With an offer rate of 82.7% and an acceptance rate of 88.40%, this university encourages a culture of learning and personal development.

The university is famous for its strong focus on Welsh culture and heritage. So, if you want to cultivate your inner Welsh or you love the Welsh language, heritage and culture – this is a choice for you!

Notable alumni include poet Dylan Thomas and actor Ioan Gruffudd and what makes this university stand out is the fact that the university's Lampeter campus houses one of the oldest libraries in Wales, with an extensive collection of rare manuscripts and historic books.


University of Derby


Offer rate: 80.3%

Acceptance rate: 89.75%


The University of Derby is renowned for its diverse course offerings and student-friendly environment.

Situated in Derby and Buxton, England, the University of Derby is known for its excellent facilities and supportive academic staff. Notable alumni include artist Dame Elizabeth Blackadder and TV presenter Anthea Turner.

Not many people know this, but the university's Markeaton Park Campus features a real Boeing 737 aircraft, used for aviation students to practice various aspects of aircraft operations and maintenance. Pretty cool right?


University of West London


Offer rate: 78.1%

Acceptance rate: 91.20%


Located in the heart of the UK and the biggest of Europe, the University of West London offers a gateway to higher education for many applicants, with an offer rate of 78.1% and an acceptance rate of 91.20%.

Providing excellent facilities and support services, this university is an attractive choice for students pursuing various fields of study. The University of West London is famous for two reasons. The first one is its strong film industry connections and emphasis on employability. Second one… be ready… is that… Freddie Mercury, one of the greatest artists of all time is its alumni.


Birmingham City University


Offer rate: 76.8%

Acceptance rate: 92.05%


Rounding off the list is Birmingham City University, which maintains a welcoming environment and accessible admissions process.

Located in the second biggest city in the UK and the city of Peaky Blinders Birmingham, the university offers an offer rate of 76.8% and an acceptance rate of 92.05%. Interestingly, the university's renowned Birmingham Conservatoire has been a training ground for many notable musicians, including legendary jazz musician Andy Hamilton and violinist Tasmin Little.


Wrapping Up


In conclusion, while some UK universities boast highly selective admission rates, there are many institutions that offer more inclusive pathways for prospective students.

We hope that this article completely debunks the myth that getting accepted to UK universities is virtually impossible.

The universities mentioned in this article provide excellent opportunities for individuals seeking higher education across a wide range of disciplines. Aspiring students should consider their academic interests, personal preferences, and career goals to find the university that aligns best with their individual needs and aspirations.


Even though admission rates might suggest that it is easy to get in, a university application is never a piece of cake!

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