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Uni-life | Ryuji Moriya | 19-05-2023

A Checklist Of Must-Have Items When Starting University

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In this article, we will provide you with a checklist of all the important items you must bring before starting university.

Moving to a different country to study might be stressful and scary.

You might be moving to a place that is a thousand kilometres away from your home where you know nobody and even can’t speak a single word of the local language.

We understand that things can get scary.

We have been through it ourselves.

We also understand that you receive the decision of getting into a university only a few months before the start of the term, so you need to be fast and effective.

Every one of our consultants had to move like you.

Some, like our co-founder Mateusz, had to move to a place such as from Poland to China, which is nearly 9000 kilometres away from home only at the age of 19.

One of the most stressful aspects of moving out is the actual act of moving out and the transportation of your belongings, with common questions being:

All of it is normal. Therefore, we will provide you with the necessary tips, key knowledge, and needed know-how on deciding on your items, packing, and taking all the essential items with you.

Step #0: Plan Before You Decide!

Here’s the most important advice I would give to my 18-year-old on packing and moving out to a new country for higher education.

Research and plan before you start university.

Sorry to break it to you.

But there is no single ultimate list that applies to all people studying at university.

In reality, every person finds different items to be necessary, every country that you move into has its specific requirements, and every university asks you for different types of papers and legal documents.

Moreover, each of us has different logistics when it comes to moving.

For example, if you’re from Germany and you’re moving to France—maybe your parents can drive you in a rented van to your destination and you can take 15 bags with you. If you are from Laos and aim to move to the UK, then maybe you’re forced to limit your luggage to 23 kg as dictated by your airline.

The list of your essential items is dependent and, in some way, constrained by those.

Before you start making a list and packing, you must research.

Here are some basic questions you MUST answer before packing:

Answering these and similar questions and researching your new country, university, and home will allow you to prepare and plan an effective list of essential items that will be needed at your destination.

List of essential items

Let’s cut to the chase and make a list!

Below, you will see an Edunade list of the must-have items you need for studying and moving out abroad.

We again emphasise that everyone has a different list and different needs.

It is a must-have list that came out after brainstorming between 7 of our top consultants.

Absolute basic Must-haves

Legal/University Must-haves

Bedroom Must-haves

Kitchen Must-haves

Toilet Must-haves

Remember—our list is a list of essentials needed to settle down to study at university.

These are the items that in our experience you need to have.

We fully understand that if you have space, there are way more things to take.

If you’re limited by space, we suggest making two lists: one for which you can easily buy or acquire locally and another for which you can’t easily replace locally.

For example, the former will include toilet paper, toothbrushes, and bin bags. The latter will include passport, ID, and visa documents.

Everybody requires different items, but the above-mentioned list created by our consultants should serve you as a good guide into the essentials and packing for university either domestically or abroad.

Let us know if you think we missed something.

Happy packing!