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Application | Jakub Barszcz | 06-11-2023

How To Apply To The UK Using UCAS?

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Six out of top 10 European universities ranked in the QS World University Ranking for 2024 are based in the UK. This makes United Kingdom a very popular and desired destination for students willing to study abroad. Thankfully, the application process is standardized through the UCAS system, which is a service allowing students to apply to multiple universities in the UK.

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) considers applications of students willing to join universities in the UK. To use this system, you will have to prepare all necessary documents, register an application form, and apply it to selected institutions and courses. The system will take care of your application and admission.


How To Use UCAS?


Firstly, you need to decide which courses interest you the most. In the UK, there is a variety of options available for you, making it relatively easy to find a program which suits your needs.

To find a course you can utilize the search tool provided by UCAS, which offers guidance on selecting the best option. Alternatively, directly explore the universities’ websites if you already know specific institutions of your interest.

Once you have selected the courses, you can move on with the application process. Although, the steps are not very complex, some people may feel lost along the way. It's important to know that once you submitted your application, introducing any changes is no longer possible.


UCAS Points


To streamline the comparison of applications, UCAS employs a points-based system. This approach involves converting your academic accomplishments and grades into a numerical score called the UCAS Tariff Points. It's important to note that not all qualifications receive a UCAS Tariff value. This system serves as a convenient mean for universities to evaluate candidates and test if they satisfy the entry prerequisites. If your qualification is respected by the system, UCAS provides a calculator that you can use to determine the specific number of points it carries.


Application Deadline


In the UK, university application deadlines are structured around two primary deadlines.

The first deadline happens around the middle of October for the courses starting in September of the following year. Notably, this particular deadline is relevant to programs at Oxbridge, as well as programs in fields such as Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science, and Dentistry. The second deadline is set at the end of January and it concerns all other courses.

It is still possible to submit your application after the January deadline, mainly until June 30. However, at that time your application will not have the same priority as the ones which were submitted prior to deadline. After this time (June 30), your application automatically enters a process called Clearing if you haven't received any offers. This means that you will join a waitlist for places that are left unoccupied after the regular process of admission.


How to apply to the UK using UCAS?


These are the steps that you need to follow if you want to apply to a UK university using UCAS.


Step 1 – Register in UCAS

Create an account and register with your personal details using the UCAS Hub.

Step 2 – Fill in the details and answer questions

Now, you are required to fill in more information about your profile. Make sure to enter an email address that you use regularly, and be sure to answer all the questions in the form. You'll need to share your personal details and provide information about your financial situation, explaining your plan on how to pay the tuition fee.

Step 3 – Fill in Education History

Within this section, you should document all your academic qualifications, especially your secondary education. It's crucial to provide information about your prior studies and qualifications, even if you haven't yet received your results or you are currently attending a course preparing for a future exam. If you are aware that a university has specific entry requirements that you don't yet meet, you can still submit an application and may receive an offer. However, in that case it is a good idea to contact the university before applying to clarify your situation.

Step 4 – Fill in Work Experience

You may not have extensive work experience at this stage, but any jobs you've had or volunteer work you've undertaken can be valuable for your university application. Therefore, be sure to include all the experience you've gained.

Step 5 – Select the courses you are interested in

You'll need to choose five university programs of your preference. These programs can be at different universities or the same one, but each program counts as one of your five choices. Remember that the order in which you list these courses is not significant because universities cannot view your other choices.

Step 6 – Attach your Personal Statement

The personal statement is a vital component of your UCAS application, offering you the opportunity to express yourself in an authentic style. You will need to write a document in which you explain why you are a suitable candidate for their university and why their program is the right fit for you. It has to be between 1000 and 4000 characters.

Step 7 – Add a Reference

You'll also need to supply contact details for someone who has agreed to provide a reference for you. Ideally, this person should be a teacher or tutor from your school or your employer. It's important to note that your application won't be processed until the person you've stated as your referee attaches the reference to your application.

Step 8 – Pay the application fee

After you have completed all the necessary information, all that is left is to pay the application fee. For courses starting in 2023, the fee is 22.50 GBP (single choice) or 27.00 GBP (up to 5 course choices).




Now you know how to apply to the UK universities using the UCAS system. All that is left for you is to take action! Search for some courses that interest you the most and apply before the deadline. Planning your studies is essential for your future, so careful research and well-informed decision are a must. 

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